Sunday, February 7, 2010

Double yolks and active brains.

I had the last of the double yolk eggs today (slapped on a bit of fried bread and stuck in a sandwich). It has been said that the odds of getting a double yolk egg are high and yet I know a market stall that only sells that type. As I sunk my teeth into the contrast of crunchy fried bread, soft succulent yolk and tangy Branston pickle, I realised that it was Sunday and the market was open.
Thus the dilemma. Should I waste petrol and go to Hemswell just to replemish my stock of eggs or wait until next Sunday? Could I last a week? In the end, I decided to wait and put the day to a better use. After all, having got up late, there isn't much of it left.

This past week I have been totally preoccupied, which means I am not very good company. My friend texted me just to see that I was okay having had a night out previously in which I had not exactly been my bubbly self. It is nice to know that I have friends like that. I reassured him that the reason for preoccupation was my writing and not because I was troubled or stressed out.

I have two to three projects on the go and was considering stealing a few bits from my other work to slot into them somewhere. However, for some reason, I suddenly decided to work on the lot of them at the same time which is no easy feat. However, I had done a similar thing once before (the FMP for my degree) and it had been successful. Having made the decision, I am excited and have a more positive sense of direction - I have a real challenge!

The downside is that I will be far more preoccupied than normal. That's the thing with creativity, the brain is always working away at it in the background day after day, no matter what you are doing.

My late wife, Pauline, was great at understanding this process and knew precisely when my quietness was due to preoccupation or just being worried.

So folks, when you see me, if I seem a little quiet and thoughtful, don't worry, it's only a brain at work and ticking over just fine.

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